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"If it appreciates, buy it - if it depreciates, lease it"

"If it appreciates, buy it - if it depreciates, rent it"

Now your practice and patients can benefit from the revolutionary SLT laser technology (Lumenis Selecta® ll) on a per-patient basis, giving you all of the advantages of ownership, with none of the disadvantages.

No purchase or lease costs - preserves capital:

Ophthalmology is as technology driven as any medical specialty, creating a constant drain on financial resources, just to keep up with the latest technology. Considering that your equipment spends most of its time unused and depreciating, our per-patient use model makes economic sense.

No long-term financial commitment:

Many doctors are uncomfortable locking themselves into long-term financial commitments, when they have no idea how personal or business circumstances may evolve over time.

No cost of ownership:

If the Laser requires service, it’s our headache, not yours. The cost of service, whether on an hourly or service contract basis, can be quite prohibitive. You or your staff must also keep contact information for, and work with, multiple service and parts departments for each and every piece of equipment owned. Having spent a good many years on the corporate side of the business, and in defense of the industry, no matter how high these costs may be, almost all service organizations are break-even operations at best. That may be true, but you’re still stuck writing the check.

“No concern over precipitous reductions in reimbursement”

Technology acquisitions that might have made sense under a higher reimbursement may become a financial burden when and if reimbursement rates drop.

No concerns over obsolescence:

It's a safe bet that instruments you are acquiring for your practice will be obsolete to one degree or another shortly after they are purchased.

More convenient for patients - reduction in referrals:

Referring patients to another location for SLT treatment is inconvenient for your patients, as well as a resource drain on your practice, requiring extra scheduling and staff time.

No commitment of staff resources:

Many practices are reluctant to introduce new technology to their overburdened staff. The less they have on their plate, the better they can concentrate on the tasks currently at hand.

No space requirements - enhanced efficiency and comfort:

Office space is expensive, and very few practices have enough of it. Maintaining open space contributes to enhanced patient flow, and a safer, more efficient environment.